Every BDSM fantasy is unique, and so is every visit to Aistien Talo, the House of senses & sensuality. Do you dream of becoming a slave of a Dominant Couple? Maybe you wish to be treated like a dog, a servant, a piece of furniture? Or would you like to submit to the Dominatrix while the Master is watching – or the other way around? Sessions with only Him are also available.

We go through your wishes, needs, fantasies & possible fetishes in advance with a questionnaire. This way we also get to know the boundaries you are not ready to cross.

The session itself proceeds in our firm hands without further negotiations, within the agreed limits, following Our desires. You don’t need to ask for more. You use a safe word when you have had enough.

You are not left alone or thrown out immediately after the session. There is time to recover, and even a safe place in our arms if needed.

We welcome women as well as men, and all in between, either solo or with a spouse, a partner or a friend. We also offer sessions to all kinds of sissy boys, cross dressers and transvestites. You will be met and treated exactly as the princess or the slut that you are. <3