Is this confidential?

All that happens between us, stays between us. I respect the privacy of all my clients. I never pry, gossip or phone up. Confidentiality is an essential part of safety, just like it is when you see a doctor.

Am I welcome even if…

Yes. You are welcome as you are, as long as you are of age (18) and sober. I meet and treat everyone as an individual regardless of their sex or gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, status, life situation or ethnic background.

Can I call you from a prepaid or a hidden number?

You can call just as you like. I answer the phone whenever I’m able to. E-mail often works better.

May i visit you together with my partner/ spouse /friend?

Welcome. I’m happy to play with couples and doubles regardless of your sex, gender or sexual orientation.

Is this legal and do you pay taxes?

Yes. Also selling and buying of sexual services is legal in Finland. Only pimping, and buying sex from a victim of pimping or a victim of human trafficking is illegal. I’m a VAT paying pension insured independent entrepreneur.

The idea of all sex work being illegal stems partly from the history of the business and partly from the general attitude and preconceptions. Human trafficking takes place also in for example construction and catering business, but not all carpenters or waiters are criminals nor victims of crime.