Counselling & therapy

I am a trained sexual therapist and offers counselling also in English.

In brief sexuality counselling (1 to 5 visits) you get professional advice and guidance related to sexuality, sex and relationships. You can book an appointment alone or with partner/partners. At the moment I offer video appointments (via Zoom or Whereby service).

Brief counselling can help you with issues like your sexual orientation, sexual preferences or your relationship, or if you are wondering whether something is safe, ordinary or allowed. You get proper up-to-date information and can find new points of view and solutions for your situation. Brief, timely counselling can prevent the formation of serious problems. Furthermore, if needed, you are given instructions to see other types of help.

Sexual therapy is integrative & solution focused therapy. Therapy process enables us to explore themes more deeply & thoroughly than brief counselling.

In counselling and therapy appointments we are fully clothed, and there is no physical contact or erotic atmosphere. All discussions are confidential and you can book an appointment anonymously.

You may bring up any & all topics you think are relevant. No question is too small or too ordinary – nor too big, scary or weird. Some of my areas of expertise are

  • rare fetishes & preferences
  • BDSM (kinky themes)
  • open relationships
  • swinger culture ja group sex
  • gender and trans gender themes
  • disturbing or shame causing fantasies
  • sex work