Sex with Tiia

Intercourse. Gentle lovemaking. Brisk fucking. Oral sex. Anal sex. Any kind of safe sex. Tiia is ready and skillful with any gender.

Or maybe you are tired of regular sex with only one partner? Tiia loves to work together with adorable colleagues (male, female & other) and will fulfil your group sex fantasies with elegance.

My sex sessions are safe and easy-going, and my own sexuality is very versatile and fetish friendly. As an open-hearted hedonist I also genuinely enjoy everything I do with you.

I welcome women as well as men, and all in between & outside the boxes, either solo or with a spouse, a partner or a friend. Femidoms, dams (for oral sex) and non latex condoms are available when needed.

Please notice: we spend most of the year abroad now, and have no permanent recidence in Finland, so I’m not available every week or month, and regular clients are prioritised.