By His hand or Hers, or both. With a whip, a cane, a crop, a flogger…

Step by step exploring the sensations, gradually approaching the final limits. Or maybe a straightforward spanking without warming up and without mercy.

You decide whether you are in need of a punishment or delight.

Also your cock and balls get all the attention they need – in good & steady hands. Bonding, spanking, pinching, probing, edging, torturing with high heels, you name it.

Or maybe you are  into the peculiar burning sensation of smaller or larger needles penetrating the skin? Hygienic, safe & in a tempo suitable for you.

Bare hurting as such, or pain as an element of submission. Exactly as far as you are ready to go – or over that border, if you wish.

In the hands of an experienced professional it is safe to explore your limits.