One notch rougher

A few examples from the hard core end of our assortment. Further information by request.


First just one finger, eventually the whole hand. Gently or fiercely, but always skilfully and safely. With Niina’s petite hand or Jouni’s masculine one. Welcome to experience the fullest satisfaction of your life.

CBT & dilating

In our House your cock and balls get all the attention they need – in good & steady hands. Bonding, spanking, pinching, probing, edging, torturing with high heels, you name it. As a separate session or as part of a broader one.

Needle play

Are you into the peculiar burning sensation of smaller or larger needles penetrating the skin? Hygienic, safe & in a tempo suitable for you. As an element of a broader session with pain and/or submission, or as a separate experience.