A date with Tiia

NB: Tiia on sabbatical

Already familiar clients are welcome to invite me on a date as their companion, when I am in Finland. (If I don’t know you yet, come & get acquainted with me: book a time for an erotic massage for instance.)

I can accompany you to a dinner or a concert, party or shopping, or a nice walk by the sea – and naturally also to your hotel room to cuddle and snuggle. I will respect your wishes and the nature of the occasion with my choice of outfit, and I feel as smooth at a vernissage as I do in a rock club or an academic seminar.

You can choose either half a day or a whole day together. I am available between 11 am and midnight, in other words I will not stay overnight with you.

Some examples of possible dates:

  • We meet in your hotel room for some nice pre event cuddle. After an evening at the theatre we have an excellent debriefing dinner with good red wine. Before departing there is still time for long and thorough exhange of good night kisses.
  • Cup of coffee & piece of cake in a nice café downtown, and off to the shops! We shall find some nice lingerie and sex toys (for you, for me or both). You can trust my eye. And of course we will end up testing our findings in your hotel room.
  • After a relaxing massage from me, you are ready to surprise your business partners with your slightly abnormal choice of companion. The cocktail party turns out to be surprisingly fun. Nevertheless, we soon flee to enjoy our private afterparty.


  • Half day date (max 5 hours): 800 euros + one meal plus all necessary tickets/ other expences
  • Full day together (max 8 hours): 1000 euros + two meals plus necessary tickets/ other expences

I shall pack my witty humour, my training in cultural studies and sexology, and – if needed – a change of clothes & a pair of ridiculously high heels. I will also take care of condoms, lubes and anything else needed for shared pleasure.

Please notice, that when we are agreeing on the date, I will ask for your real name & a way to confirm that you are the person in question. Confirmation can be done for instance by showing me your photo and name on the website of your workplace or an active facebook account.

You should also take into account that some Finns recognise my face. You might therefore be considered a friend, relative, client or colleague of ”that hooker lady from Espoo”. Threat or opportunity? Welcome to my reality!